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Refrigerator Repair Mississauga

Refrigerators are the keystone of any kitchen and most people would be hard pressed to imagine life without their fridge working properly. So when your fridge breaks down you probably want to get it fixed ASAP, not later in the week.  If you’re in Mississauga , you can count on Mississauga Appliance Repair to be there quickly and get your home back in order again, we work evenings and weekends to ensure you don’t need to wait long.

Refrigerator Repair Mississauga


Freezer Repair Mississauga

While the freezer area of a refrigerator may be enough for some households to get by on others may find an additional freezer in the home to be a great help.  Here are some of the more common styles of freezers that you might find in a home:

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Washer Repair Mississauga

Washing machines are the kind of appliance that only gets thought of if it stops working.  Most don’t realize just how convenient and useful these machines are until they break down.  If your washing machine has stopped working before finishing a load, isn’t filling with water, not draining, not completing the spin cycle, or just taking too long to wash we can help you out.  We work evenings, weekends, and holidays at no extra charge so you can be sure to have your home back in order quickly.

Washer Repair Mississauga
Tumble dryer

Dryer Repair Mississauga

Dryers are a staple in most homes and the whirring noises they make while running can be a comforting sound.  When dryers break down some resourceful individuals might have a line to hang clothes on in a pinch but that isn’t normally a long term solution.  You can count on the professionals at Mississauga Appliance Repair to have your dryer back up and running again quickly, we work not only during the evening but also on weekends and holidays.

Dryer Repair Mississauga

Electric Stove

Stove & Oven Repair Mississauga

Stoves and ovens are made up of a lot of different parts and pieces that can break, as all appliances are, but fortunately we know how to fix any stove you need help with.  Whether it is a gas or an electric stove, a North American brand or a European, our technicians at Mississauga Appliance Repair have extensive training to get the job done properly.  Here are a few of the various kind of stoves, ranges, cooktops, and ovens that you might own:

Stove & Oven Repair Mississauga

Dishwasher Repair Mississauga

We know that a dishwasher isn’t a luxury in a busy household, it’s a necessity.  When a dishwasher breaks down you undoubtedly don’t have time to wash the dishes by hand and we don’t either.  We can fix the dishwasher quickly so you can get your home back in order just as fast though.

We service all types and styles of dishwashers from the standard North American Maytag, GE, or Whirlpool to the high-end European models such as Bosch, Miele, and Asko.

Dishwasher Repair Mississauga

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